Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Butcher of Malaya return: DAP Chauvinism true coluurs shown

 (from bigdogdotcom)
In the midst of public outcry of vehemently denying the approval for the return of Chin “Butcher of Malaya” Peng to his hometown Sitiawan and be buried there, DAP’s Chinese chauvinism true colours is shown. As they are known to be anti-Malay authority and establishment, the Chinese chauvinist party is making a  call for Chin “Butcher of Malaya” Peng’s insincere apology be accepted and him being allowed to return back to the country he once waged a war and committed atrocities.
The Star has the story:

Monday November 23, 2009

Disagreement on Chin Peng’s apology

PETALING JAYA: The Government should accept Chin Peng’s apology and allow him to return to Malaysia, said national DAP chairman Karpal Singh.
However, former International Movement for a Just World (JUST) president Dr Chandra Muzaffar disagreed, and brushed off the apology as insencere.
PAS vice-president Salahuddin Ayub, meanwhile, suggested a referendum to let the public decide if the apology was acceptable.
“The 20th anniversary of the peace accord between the Malaysian government and the Communist Party of Malaya (CPM) on Dec 2, 1989, and now, an official apology by Chin Peng, should prompt the Government to allow him to return to Malaysia,” Karpal said in a statement yesterday.
Karpal was responding to Chin Peng’s apology for the deaths of innocents published in The Star yesterday.
He claimed the former secretary-general of the CPM had always been a citizen of Malaysia although there were suggestions that Chin Peng did not apply for citizenship after the country achieved independence.
Karpal also said Chin Peng was already 85 years old and had expressed his desire to return to Malaysia. Chin Peng has made arrangements for him to be buried near his father’s grave in his hometown of Sitiawan.
“This should strike a chord in the hearts of those in power.”
He said Chin Peng’s plan to take his case to the International Court of Justice after having lost out in Malaysian courts would give Malaysia unnecessary negative publicity and should be avoided at all cost.
Dr Chandra considered Chin Peng’s apology insincere because of his stand in defending the killing of innocents by his group.
“If we examine his statement, he does not admit he did something wrong.
“He said there would be civilian casualties in war, and said that communists, too, were killed by security forces.
“This shows that his apology is insincere,” he told mStar Online.
“Saying that civilians get killed in war shows he is trying to legitimise what has happened,” added Dr Chandra.
“We also have to consider the feelings of the relatives of those in the security force,” he added.
Salahuddin said a referendum would decide the issue.
For DAP to make such call clearly demosntrated that they have very little regard for the authorities and security personnel, who have risk and lost their lives, if not permanently maimed to make Malaya/Malaysia a peace and stable place to live defening the rakyat and tanahair from the “Butchers of Malaya atrocities and terrorism througout 54 years of insurgency. Of course, particularly the ‘Heroes of the Hadyaii Accord’. The fact  that majority of the security and essential services personnel are Malays, it also illustrated their anti-Malay true self.
Otherwise, we at BigDogDotCom once challenged DAP who calls themselves “multiracial party” and advocated “Malaysian, Malaysia” to do their bit for the defense of the realm in getting an influx of Non Malay applicants into the Police, Army and other essential services each time there is a recruitment drive.
On the excuse of Chin “Butcher of Malaya” Peng’s justification to come back and spend the remaining of his natural live in Malaysia so that he could be burried next to his father, should not arise. He is a Moist-Leninist commnunist and denounced religion and traditions and heritage values. As such, the issue of going back to his roots should never arise. Afterall, he left home to fight his own fellow Chinese ethnic and fled to China for sanctuary. Chin “Butcher of Malaya” Peng no longer belong here, in this tanahair.
Never the less, let us remind Malaysians of the sufferings of almost 5,000 families who lost love ones in the 12 year Emergency (1948-60), where 60% of them are non combattant civilians, which include innocent women, children and old folks.
This was published in Starmag, The Star on 28 September 2003:

My father’s murderer

ON the night of Dec 19, 1948, my father, the headmaster of the Chinese school in Simpang Dua, Sitiawan, Perak, was resting with his pregnant wife, also a Chinese school teacher, and his seven children at home after dinner. Some people came and called my father, so he wore his shirt and stepped out of the house into the dark. According to my mother, a conversation took place followed by the sound of two gunshots.
The shock was too great for a pregnant woman to bear. Four days later, I was born, prematurely and fatherless.
I used to go for Cheng Beng (All Souls Day) to take flowers to my father’s grave every year. Next to his grave is that of my classmate’s father. He was the headman of Simpang Dua at that time and was also gunned down by Chin Peng’s men on the same fateful night.
When I was studying in ACS, Sitiawan, I used to look at Chin Peng’s son, who was my senior in the same school. He could walk out of the class when Mr Moses Tay taught Malayan history about Chin Peng, but I could only sit there and wish that my father was alive. Perhaps if he had not been a headmaster but just an ordinary teacher, he would not have been murdered and my mother wouldn’t have had to suffer so much, bringing up eight young children single-handedly.

In my birth certificate, in the column for “Father”, is written: “Ditembak mati” (shot dead). It should be “Ditembak mati oleh Chin Peng, the villain”!

Impossible to Forgive & Forget,
Klang, Selangor
At all cost, Chin “Butcher of Malaya” Peng should not be allowed to step foot and breathe the air of the independent and peaceful Malaysia (Malaya) he once terrorized and tried to destroy. If the DAP is insistant that the “Butcher of Malaya” be allowed back in, then they must also insist that the man be made to stand trial as a war ciminal and crimes against HM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong, Federal Constitution and rakyat.
If the argument of not making Chin “Butcher of Malaya” Peng to stand trial for war crimes is about of his 85 year old age and the Hadyaii Accord was signed 20 years ago, then consider than there is a 90 year old Nazi war criminal now being prosecuted 64 years after the Nuremberg trial ended. He is the “Butcher of Malaya” and tens of thousand families deserve to see justice prevail.


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