Thursday, 18 September 2008


1. One reason why I think mainstream media are the one forcing the public into reading more from “blog” pages is because of their stand in not giving space for the oppositions.

2. Oppositions, to the mainstream media, are "kacau daun", “negative element” and “destructive”, while to the ordinary rakyat oppositions are about “weak against strong”, “small versus big”, and “the people and the authority”.

3. As the style of written materials in blogs are short and straight forward, seen as factual and open for direct debates, their story are much more appealing and attractive.

4. There is a danger in this. Habit of reading a lot of blog material could result in negative outcomes, as materials provided by blogs are not only appealing and interesting, BUT also of one type and style. It inability to provide diverse reading materials as conventional newspaper does, could result in personality disorder of some kind to the weak readers. In the long run it can be serious.

5. If this blunder is to happened, the mainstream media are not only responsible for damage incurred now, but also the well being of the nation's future.