Thursday, 1 January 2009

Short Film "Permata Bonda"

I AM HAPPY to note that since last Thursday December the 25th to December the 31st; I was able to see with my own eyes, watching closely on how my son undertakes a job as a film director and editor. Before this my only means of knowing his work was through the DVDs and written articles or essays in published form - a book, a magazine or the internet.

Fikri has been in Korea for the past two years - a year in a program called "Asia Young Film Maker's Forum, in Jeonju" and a year as a master's degree student at "The Korean National University of The Arts (KNUA)" in Seoul. Both programs under the Korean Government scholarship. He is now on a two month holiday before going back to Korea at the end of February to complete his Masters of Fine Art Degree in Film Directing for another year. His first degree was Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies from Monash University. At Monash he was president of Monash Debates Club.
Seeing him doing his work with dedication and skills in a short called "Permata Bonda" which was written by me and sponsored by Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM), I believe Fikri is one of Malaysia's future material for film academia and practitioner. To dates he has got 11 shorts to his credit as director, editor and writer.

He is also a good writer and have some of his writing published in books and magazines in the field of art and humanity, the media and education; and critical analysis of films from different countries. He also writes in blogs.

Fikri spent his secondary education in London from Std 5 to form 5, schooling at one Forest Hill's School in south London, where he became a school prefects. He also attended theater class at D&A theater school there. Other than that Fikri also does voluntary work, spending his free time helping young disables at their home.

As for Permata Bonda, I think this is one of the best shot to come out form the hand of a young mind. Fikri is 24.

I pray I will live long enough to see him progress and succeed in his career to uplift the quality of arts, and serves mankind.


Anonymous said...

awh, so sweet. how often do anyone get their resume written by daddy?


My son writes better resume then me. I believe parents should support their children even to the extent of against their own wishes - with honor and with a cause or kerana Allah.

Anonymous said...

tapi memang cara fikri dan Dr direct memang lain laa...