Saturday, 9 May 2009

Finas Chairman

SOMEONE asked me what is the right background for a person suitable to be appointed as non executive chairman for an agency like Finas. I said, as non executive appointee the chairman sole function is more of a chairperson, who chaired board meetings, as well as fulfilling the ceremonial responsibilities on behalf of the agency. The main objective of his position is to make good the role of the Chief Executive or The CEO, or in the case of Finas the Director General (DG). The chairman is not above the DG in day to day running of the agency because he has no executive (execution) power to exercise. His only authority legally speaking is on the board meetings.

As such the suitable person to be chair of Finas is someone who understand government work, government policy and objectives. Having some experience on organizational management, a “humorist”, a good PR person and of course good "speaking" ability as an added points.

He need not be someone with the so called “film qualification” or “film making” experience, or someone with vast experience in film industry (i.e producer / manager, etc., or any job in the management side). BUT his understanding of the present states of the local film industry, as well as its development in the region and the international arenas will be of great contribution; what more if he is an avid film goer.

Of course he must also "be seen" as a hard core supporter of the present government, as well as an UMNO member (orang Melayu kalu ).