Friday, 5 February 2010

Mat Brahim and fdam

FILM DIRECTORS' ASSOCIATION OF MALAYSIA or FDAM had its annual general  meeting on December 30th 2009. Everyone was upset with Mat Brahim re"election" as president.

A good friend of mine asked, why I didn't offer myself and contest the presidency. I told him I had been president three terms, 7 years in all; including one and a half year as protem chairman in 1989. Becoming a president is a thing in the past for me. I don't plan to get back to where I used to be before. I just want to play elders, supporting new blood in the association that I help established. But sadly this cannot be done, because Mat Brahim was again chosen as leader. To me a person like Mat Brahim is not suitable to be the association's leader in the "new era" where roles, responsibility, commitments, idealism and the mind of film directors has changed.

A lot of complaints hurled at Mat Brahim from members and peoples in the industry due to past mishap and bad performance as director and activist. And most of them are true. I personally had my own share of bad experience with this "joker" and talk too much bloke.

Many directors after the AGM talked about leaving the association and plan another association for film directors. I have no comment with this.

Since than after more than a month  I don't hear anything serious from these directors wanting to have a better association for film directors in Malaysia. They too seem to be having interest in the association only when opportunity to be leaders arise.

So what can we hope. Dua kali lima sahaja semuanya.